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Additions to LINK-of-Malls are most welcome!

Just fill in the below form to request the addition of your Mall to LINK-of-Malls. All we ask in return, is that you put a reciprocal link on your Mall's home page (or other significant location) which points back at LINK-of-Malls. That's it!

If you have any questions about being added to LINK-of-Malls, please e-mail your questions to

You have the option of having the Merchants within your Mall added to LINK-of-Malls' Merchant Listing (the Alphabetical List plus a link to your own list from the "Merchants by Mall" list). If you would like to have YOUR merchants listed, then please E-mail the appropriate information to after filling in the below request form.

Mall Addition Request

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Check here to indicate that you agree to add a reciprocal link back to LINK-of-Malls from your Mall's home page (or other significant location)

Address of the Page which will contain the reciprocal link back to LINK-of-Malls (if not known yet, then e-mail its address to us as soon as it is in place so that your Mall's entry can be enabled in LINK-of-Malls:

Optional: Address of the Page which contains your list of Merchants - A link to this address will be added in the List of Mall's "Merchant Listing by Mall":

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